Kyushu Medical Bioindustry Division

Creating a brighter future

With the increasing world population, the importance of issues pertaining to food, energy, and the environment has increased considerably.

Availability of food, in particular, is a major issue. To ensure adequate food resources, advancements in livestock raising, agriculture, and aquaculture industries are being implemented. However, production and consumption typically lead to various forms of environmental pollution. Since the natural environment cannot purify itself, countermeasures to curb environment pollution will be our main focus.

Microorganisms play a major role in purifying the earth’s environment. Many microorganisms show abilities that can provide solutions to our problems. Technologies using these microorganisms are being developed in the hope that they can solve issues relating to food resources as well as provide a cleaner environment.

We are constantly searching for microorganisms that can be used in our daily lives, including those in the marine environment. The versatility of microorganism-usage techniques allows them to be used for various applications with minimal impact on the environment. At the Bioindustry Division, we strive to harness and develop the substantial potential of microorganisms and apply microbial technologies in a safe and secure manner to improve people’s health and daily lives.

“Creating a brighter future through the power of microorganisms.”

This is the slogan of our Bioindustry Division. We hope to deliver efficient and high-quality microorganisms to our customers and help in contributing to the betterment of the natural environment. We will keep striving to achieve this goal by developing our technologies and microorganisms.