Kyushu Medical Bioindustry Division

Creating a brighter future

Product line

We possess the original technology for isolation, screening, and fermentation of microorganisms with unique and specific functions. Our products, which are based on effective bacterial strains identified through our screening technology, are distributing in domestic and overseas markets.


Eco-friendly and user-friendly biopesticide against dengue and zika virus-borne mosquito larvae is being expanded into affected foreign countries.

Functional Feed materials

We are distributing various functional feed with unique and beneficial bacteria: a bacterial strain that can inhibit the growth of specific pathogenic fungus, a bacterial strain that can activate the immune system, bacterial strains that can eliminate specific odor, and bacterial strains with health-promoting benefits in livestock and aquaculture farming.

Functional Feed materials

Microbial Materials

Besides their functions in feed materials and bio-pesticides, the selected bacterial strains can be used for many other purposes. We handle various such strains, for example strains of spore-forming bacteria and lactic acid bacteria. We can propose the suitable bacterial material from our bacterial collection according to your needs. Please feel free to ask us.

Microbial Materials