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Usage Feed supplement for aquaculture
Active ingredient Heat-killed Lactococcus lactis D1813 1x108 cells/g
Form Powder
Grade Feed
Packing 10kg/box


  • The strain D1813 was isolated from intestine of wild-caught Kuruma shrimp (Marsupenaeus japonicus)
  • PowerLac stimulate immune-system on shrimp and fish.
  • PowerLac improve FCR (feed-conversion ratio).
Heat-killed Lactococcus lactis D1813

Mode of Action

  • Gene-expression of immune-related genes increase after eating PowerLac-containing-feed.
  • Gene-expression of digestive enzyme-related genes increase after eating PowerLac-containing-feed.

How to use

  • Feed mill: 0.1% (w/w) in feed (ex. 1 kg per 1 metric ton of feed)

Safety precautions

  • Store in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Please use it with quality preservation period (2 years after manufacturing month).